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Re: RE: Re: (TFT) Exploding/Inflammatory Gems

grabowski wrote:
>But then again Stan it is only a die of damage and 
>it still costs both fST and cost of $50.  

Hm?  It's one die of damage per 5 ST.  Let's say a 
wiz has ST 12 and has two ST 10 apprentices to Aid 
him.  According to Jackson's errata this wiz could 
easily make two five-die explosive gems per day.  
So with a week's time, $100 for the apprentices, 
and $500 for the gems, he could have ten of these 
5d6 explosive gems ready to go.  It's not like 
they're free but IMO that's a bit much for a week's
work and $600.

>Remember a lightning bolt causes one die
>of damage for one ST point at IQ 14.

True, but the gem spell, like the staff spell,
is typically cast when the wiz is in "enchantment
mode", not "adventure mode", so its difficult
to really compare it to a missile spell.

         Stan, your Isigli pal

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