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(TFT) TFT: Create Gem

srydzews writes . . .

>  Personally, I think the Jackson errata makes the spell
>way too powerful.  I'm not so sure that a wizard should
>have to spend a week preparing an explosive gem, but being
>able to whip them up at will for only 5 ST per die is just

   I agree.  Explosive Gem is too powerful, and my own playtesting supports
this theory.
   One other possible solution might be the gem creation article in
/Interplay/.  It gives a multitude of nice options for creating summoning
gems.  I'll see if I can thoughttest it a bit, rewrite it, and post it here.

Stan writes . . .

>Compare this with a similar success chart
>for 4+ die rolls given TFT's usual method:

   Your second table here shows there's a possibility of rolling a "3" with
4 or more dice, which is of course impossible.  I take it this is merely an
erroneous artifact of your program, right?
   Highest Three isn't as good as it looked on the surface.  I'm glad you
took the trouble to do a probability study on it, Stan.  Thanks.  8^)

Dave Seagraves
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