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Re: (TFT) TFT: Create Gem

David Seagraves wrote:
>   Your second table here shows there's a possibility of rolling 
> rolling a "3" with 4 or more dice, which is of course impossible.
> I take it this is merely an erroneous artifact of your program, 
> right?

No, actually that's on purpose.  The tables don't show the 
chance of rolling a particular number or less, they show 
the chance of success on an xd6 roll vs. a particular target 
number.  Normally those two figures are the same but the 
automatic success thresholds give you some small chance to 
succeed, even if your DX (or whatever) is lower than the
number of dice being thrown.  So what you're seeing for those
very low target numbers is just the automatic success chance.

Likewise note that the automatic failure on a 16+ rule caps
the chances of success for the very high target numbers.

(Oh, and not that it matters, but only the values in the 
 first table were estimated with the die-roller.  The 
 second table's values were calculated.)

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