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(TFT) RE Buying Talents with experience

> Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 18:46:24 -0400
> From: Michael Taylor <MichaelTaylor1@compuserve.com>
> Subject: (TFT) Buying Talents with experience
> Message text written by INTERNET:tft@brainiac.com
> >Back in June I posted suggestions for using Ron Pehr's TFT Superhero
> system
> >for improving talents, and also my system for buying (or improving)
> >using experience points instead of having to increase the IQ attribute.
> >I didn't see any response to my post, not even disagreement!<
> Well, I didn't quite understand your suggestion, because Ron Pehr's
> suggestion for improving talents IS spending experience points instead of
> having to increase the IQ. You buy the cost of an additonal IQ point and
> use it to increase the proficiency of the Talent.
> Michael

Looking back at my original post it was rather confused. I was trying to
combine two proposals;
a) Proposing Ron Pehr's talent improvement from the TFT Superheroes article,
b) My variant spending experience points directly to buy or improve talents
and/or spells without increasing the IQ attribute.

Ron's article uses Creation Points to buy talents, spells and powers;
"Superheroes also start out with 32 points to allot to characteristics.
However, instead of having a number of IQ points equal to his IQ to spend on
skills, a superhero has a number of Creation Points equal to his current
number of attribute points to spend on talents, spells, and superpowers."

Superheroes use Creation Points to buy their talents as basic, improved,
advanced or expert level, with each level giving a dice modifier when using
the talent. A character still has to increase their attribute total to get
another Creation Point to buy or improve a talent.

My proposal would let a character use earned experience to buy or improve
talents directly.
For example; a character earns 165 experience points in an adventure. They
have acquired a good crossbow and want to learn the Crossbow talent (IQ 7, 1

Under the standard system they would have to increase their IQ. Maybe they
need 1000 xp to improve an attribute or the player is happy playing a low
brow Orc or really wants to improve the characters ST next?

Using my system they could 'pay' 10 x7 x1 = 70xp and get Basic Crossbow. The
remaining 95 xp go towards attribute improvement or another talent. The
character would still have to find someone to teach them the talent and
spend the appropriate time in training. A character is still limited to
their IQ for the level of talents or spells they know but may know more
talents than they have IQ points.

Alternately, Characters would have to increase their IQ to learn a new
talent but could use Experience points to Improve talents they already know?



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