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(TFT) Harn and Galen

JPB stated,

<<<You mentioned Harn.  They have some impressive maps.  Are they a good
of cities?  I was also endeared to Midkemia Press's City of Carthe, etc.
Though they have a website, they never respond to my order requests.>>>

Excellent!!!!! No only for cities but for villages found in their modules.
The modules you may be interested in are Cities of Harn and Son of Cities of
Harn (sic).  My own personal opinion is that HarnMaster is the best and most
authentic RPG on the market that is easy to play.  Yeah sure there are those
people that like C&S but I find HarnMaster less complicated.  As far as
simplicity is concerned, TFT has all other games hands down but if I had a
choice on what I would like to play it would be HarnMaster (my own opinion).
The problem with Harnmaster is finding a group to play with.  The problem
with TFT is the game is no longer sold so that turns off potential players.

<<<The theory of Galen says its all in mans Humors for illness.>>>

To add to this, I have two areas of expertise black powder weaponry and
medical history.

Sickness according to Galen was an ill-balance of the Humors; blood, phlegm,
black bile (any black stuff found in excretions from the body --- they did
not know it was dried blood in the urine, stool, etc... So of course you are
sick), and yellow bile (that's the hot stuff you vomit up when there is
nothing to vomit no more).

To relate this ill-balance in layman's terms, remember the saying "feed a
cold, starve a fever", that's Galenic.  In general this is how doctor's up
to 200 years ago felt, if you look at a person with a high fever they are
generally flushed.  So the culprit is too much blood.  So what does the
doctor do?  You're right BLEED!!!!

Yours in Cidri with much more antidotal medical trivia,

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