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(TFT) Cavalry Charge Proposal

Last month, Dominic and Thorn had some good hypotheticals on cavalry charges and their outcome. But as they both said:
Dominic Desrosiers wrote:

We'll have to game it out, Dom.

Also we can theorize all day, bottomline is that we'll have to run through the scenario(s) and see what happens in a TFT

That sounds like a great idea. I propose a Charge right here on this list by Sir Dominic of Desrosiers and Captain Thorn of Edt and by Grouchy's observation, maybe Jim Eckman would like to be involved. One of you chooses to be cavalry. The troopers should decide which formation they want to line up in: Crenalated or Rows. Troopers choose which map (Melee or Wizards) to use. Note: The troopers can place some barriers on the edges of the map if it appears that the cavlary can easily swoop by. I would like to see the use of at least two ranks.

Let's use a medival mode rather than Roman. There should be two tests. Test #1 is whether a line of polemen and swordsmen not expecting cavalry can defend against a clutch of light cavalry (medium armor, lighter poleweapons). Test #2 should be Pike-Men and swordsmen (or billhook men) expecting a charge against mounted knights (heavier armor and Cavalry Lances). Both test should include: Can the cavalry get through; can the cavalry decimate the troopers or will the troopers annihalate the cavalry.

If there are any house rules you would like to use, both participants must agree ahead of time, otherwise only rules from ITL, AM and AW apply. So if you want the longest pole are to go first, do so.

Troop make-up.  25 troopers against 10 cavlary.  No Magic.

Troop selection can go 2 ways.
1) Decide on armor and what DX you want them adjusted to and give them ST for the appropriate weapon and average IQ. 2) Give them all a certain attribute total (say 36pts.) and let the player suffer the lack of DX or ST.

Since this is more of a test, lets not worry about total points. Lets use #1. Therefore a halberder with chain is going to be ST 12, DX 13(10) IQ 10. Give your captain (leader) 2 additional attribute points.

Dominic suggested:
Equipment: Infantry are armed half with swords (Broad or short) half with halbreds. All would have a back-up weapon, knife for swordsman, shortsword for halberdeer's.  All Armoured with leather, swordsmen with shields (small or large). I would consider
them medium infantry.
If you still want this, this would be OK.

Cavalry - I agree that cavalrymen should be higher total attribute than troopers because they were more elite. The selection of attributes should be the same as per troopers, EXCEPT give each cavalryman 2 more attributes points each. Give your captain (leader) 2 additional attribute points.

Test #1 should have Riding Horses. The Cav should be in lighter armor and poles - perhaps leather and spears? Test #2 should have Draft horses and one warhorse. The cav should be in chain to fullplate and cavalry lances and big sword/maces.

Dominic stated:
Also moral will not be a factor, we will assume that nobody will
break ranks and run before contact is made or during the fight.

Justin Sandock:
Heavy Cavalry should be able to overpower Light Infantry ...

I think this reflects the reality (or maybe just my reality) of
mounted combat. The SHOCK effect ...
Causeing the enemy to rout is the job of SHOCK units. Few units can simply blow through a prepared and trained infantry unit with a frontal assault. Even with Heavy Cavalry versus Light infantry the cost is prohibative since your Heavy Cavalry represents a much larger investment of resources such as trained manpower, equipment, and money, than the Light Infantry.

Does this fit the playtesting data?

This is actually good tactics for me to consider, but in this test, I want to see what the mashing of troops produces.

By the way, if any of the players wish to change the parameters or the characters, please do so. I'm just proposing, you will actually be doing the work.

James Eckman:
> Also moral will not be a factor, we will assume that nobody will
>break ranks and run before contact is made or during the fight.

This is probably 80% of the 'historical' problem. Most troops in the various periods broke when charged by cavalry. The ones who stood, usually won. Of course the standing ones probably had the right equipment! Pikes come to mind...
...Looking forward to more data and thoughts though, I've enjoyed
using Melee in the past as a skirmish game.

I do have a question about Morale. In almost all miniatures games, a group will break if they miss a morale check. What would the equivalent be in TFT, what aare its parameters and how do you resolve morale results versus the player saying "my character is a hero. He ain't budging."

I could not find anything on stirrups in TFT. I may have missed something though. Does anyone want to come up with the penalty of not having stirrups in horse combat?

How will this actually be played out?
1) Do you want to develop your groups and list all stats of the character here. Then you can do Round 1 Movement/Combat by phone or by e-mail... maybe that would take to long. Perhaps... 2) By PBEM site. What is involved with this and can we all watch while they battle it out? 3) Perhaps it this massive skirmish can't be done on internet at all and you both need to get live partners to play it out.

Are Dominic, Thorn and Jim up to this demo?

Hail Melee

John Paul

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