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(TFT) embellishing shadowights

Many moons ago I asked a question whether any of us had embellished
Shadowights and was met with little reply. ANyway, I had a couple of ideas
for spells for them while looking at the spell list yesterday;

Shadowights cast a version of the Fire spell where the 'fire' is made of
shadowstuff and burns a dark purplish grey and is hard to distinguish from
normal shadow. In combat, a nonshadowight must make a 4/IQ roll to notice
something different about the 'shadow' hexes

Vampiric Shadow
These shadow hexes created drain 1 ST from all non shadow creatures in or
passing through them and give it to the shadowight wizard casting the spell
first, then any other shadow creatures within 2 megahexes. Somehow living
material is transmuted to shadowstuff and the victims look pale and wasted.
The shadow hexes look identical to normal shadow hexes.

1-Hex: 1ST to cast, IQ 11
3-Hex: 2ST to cast, IQ 13
7-Hex: 4ST to cast, IQ 16

Nurturing Shadow
This shadow will give 1ST to any wounded shadow creature which runs through
it, once a turn, somehow transmuting shadow to the ectoplasm of the
aforesaid shadow creatures. It too is indistinguishable from normal shadow.

1-Hex: 1ST to cast, IQ 11
3-Hex: 2ST to cast, IQ 13
7-Hex: 4ST to cast, IQ 16

Now, occasionally these spells have been seen used by ghoul wizards or otehr
foul creatures, but no humanoid has otherwised synthesised or learnt them (a
subject of a quest maybe...)


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