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Re: (TFT) Cavalry Charge Proposal

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>>>>Michael, This is great.  Not only are there descriptions of morale but
>>>>reminded me the naval article.  I'll have to reread this.

Hey, if you want we can get together for some Ram Speed or Broadsides &
Boarding parties - both great for use with TFT - even Conquest of the
Empire if your interested.

Here are some notes for Ram Speed with TFT.

conversion notes ? Ram speed
Ancient Seacraft. Sailing ships use Metagaming?s Ram Speed which provide
construction rules for large Rowing Ships. Additional Sailing components
and monetary costs have been added. 
See also TSG #24, page 20 ? Ships & Swords by Glenn L. Williams.
Remember that all conversions are strictly for the purposes of being able
to go from Role-playing to Tactical Combat and back again. There is no
attempt to simulate any kind of realism whatsoever. For example, no where
in Ram Speed ? or the conversion notes below ? does it take into account
the 170 rowers/slaves. And of course, if simulating different kinds of
ships these men wont even be there!
Archer Units consist of 4 men (archers) each: ST 9, DX 16, IQ 10, no armor,
small bow (1d6-1), and dagger (1d6-1). 
Arbalest consists of one Arbalest (3d6+2) and 2 auxiliary archers: ST 9, DX
15, IQ 10, chainmail (3) , small bow (1d6-1), short sword (2d6-1) and
dagger (1d6-1), each with K, B and AS (8/1) talents. 
Catapult consists of one catapult (8d6) and 5 marines, ST 12, DX 12, IQ 10,
leather (2) armor, large shield (2), spear (1d6-1) and dagger (1d6-1). Each
has AS talent. The also have an NCO, ST 13, DX 13, IQ 12, leather (2)
armor, large shield (2), spear (1d6-1) and dagger (1d6-1) with E (10/2)
Onager is treated as a Small Bombard (10d6) with 5 Achaeans, ST 12, DX 12,
IQ 10, leather (2), large shield (2), short sword (2d6-1) and spear (1d6-1)
each with A/S talent and a leader, ST 14, DX 15, IQ 10, leather (2), large
shield (1), and broadsword (2d6) with E (10/2) talent.
Boarding Party is made up of 8 men and a leader of the following abilities:
Leader: ST 14, DX 15, IQ 14, , chain (3), large shield (3), broadsword
(2d6) and dagger (1d6-1).
Soldiers (either): 
Barbarians - Soldiers: ST 13, DX 14, IQ 10, leather armor (2), large shield
(2), broadsword (2d6)
Romans - Legionaries: ST 12, DX 12, IQ 10, chainmail (3), large shield (2),
short sword (2d6-1) and dagger (1d6-1)

>>>>With a little tinkering, I can make this suit mass miniatures rules.

Let me know what you come up with!

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