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(TFT) cities and magic

Dear JPB,
I guess there are a few ideas in literature about large cities and magic; on
the one hand you have Pratchett's Ankh-Morepork - lotsa zany stuff
everywhere. It sounds like you try to be more faithful to earth's history/
medieval quasirealism, which is certainly more manageable.
One idea is that, lets say, the magi of a large city have developed lots of
ideas to increase city size and the governor/king whatever says these ideas
should stay secret as s/he doesn't want any neighbouring cities to get so
large, so alot of the Mage guilds job is to make these magic ideas for
sanitation/transport whatever to be as covert as possible so normal folk
have no idea its even there, or well guarded (secret tunnels to
fire-elemental fuelled furnaces heavily guarded as they are a special type
of garbage eating fire elemental)
Each megacity in a quasimedieval campaign may have its own unique devices or
some stolen from other cities.
And there's always relic Mnoren technology....................

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