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(TFT) Re Cavalry Charge Proposal

Greetings to the list, I'm Tim, I live in New Zealand.

With reguard to the cavalry charge proposal, the statement, by John
Paul,  that the cavalry is more elite, may well have been true of their
social status, but physicaly and mentaly they would most likely have
been pretty much identical to the infantry. Men entered the ranks of the
chevalry more due to their social connections than thier ability.

Leaving out missile weapons would be very good for the cavalry. The
French found at Crecy and Agincourt that charging longbow armed infantry
was not a viable tactic. This also, as an asside, indicates that the
longbow in given in Melee is somewhat under powered, as munition grade
longbows of this period, firing bodkin tip arrows, were capible of
penetrating even the thickest parts of the french knights plate armour.

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