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Re: (TFT) Cavalry Charge Proposal

From: James Eckman <fugu@wenet.net>
Subject: Re: (TFT) Cavalry Charge Proposal
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 20:03:53 -0700

> From: "John Paul Bakshoian" <hailmelee@hotmail.com>

Both sound like good tests, quick question, what kind of horse armor
will you be using? Are the horses war trained? See the back of
advanced melee for details.

I would allow that the horses are used to war. Only the single Warhorse in test #2 is war trained. Just wanted to see what a warhorse could do. I will let the Cavalry unit decide what armor if any it is barding its horse with.

> #1. Therefore a halberder with chain is going to be >ST 12, DX 13(10) IQ 10.
>   Give your captain (leader) 2 additional attribute points.

Its up to the players to determine how they want to come up with attributes. But I would suggest the Cavalry look at getting Horseman or Expert horseman talents. I am also assuming that these are humans. It would be quite bizarre if the Troopers were hobbits or lizardmen.

All characters and horses come into this skirmish refreshed, not having forced marched or battled today. All armor and weapons are normal, not inferior or fine.

If you want, just for the heck of it, you can name and give a little personality to each character.

> How will this actually be played out?
> Are Dominic, Thorn and Jim up to this demo?

Don't know, I've vacation coming up shortly, there are die roller
sites out there and I'm not familar with any suitable PBEM sites.
The only one I have used has a very slow administrator, so setting up a new game on it would be tough. We could set a group up on e-groups if the list objected to running the demo here.

Good. We'll hear from Dominic and Thorn. Perhaps some others could suggest/set up a good platform for this.

Fun tactics to remember, unhorsing, charge vs. pole arm, etc.

Yes. I would expect the players to use any rule at their disposal, including killing horses, leaning in saddles and sweeping blows. I would allow the back row of troopers to throw spears or pilums if they thought that was clever. Even the newly found PIKE Movement Attack could be used.

In AM Page 12 under Other Weapons it lists a Bill as the same "Class" as a Halberd. If you want to give some of your Halberds the specialty of UNHORSING riders, rename it BILL. The book says it is the same damage. Now, what benefits or penalties should a BILL have?

I guess I would exclude from this test gas and gunpowder bombs, molotails, gunpowder weapons and missile weapons. Also, no traps or stakes in the ground.

> I do have a question about Morale. In almost all miniatures >games, a group will break if they miss a morale check. >What would the equivalent be in TFT, what aare its parameters >and how do you resolve morale results versus the player saying >"my character is a hero. He ain't budging."

Characters are heros, non player characters are not. I believe if a
follower takes some amount of damage a check is made to see if he
hangs around. The skill description has a vague DM determines this

OK. I can understand that. In that view, I would still have the Hero make his roll so he knows there is reason to panic, but allow him to ignore the roll. This is just a bit of reality check on those players who can't quite heed the danger their character is in and may need some prodding.

Hail Melee

John Paul

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