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Re: (TFT) Cavalry Charge Proposal

> From: "John Paul Bakshoian" <hailmelee@hotmail.com>

> Test #1 is whether a line of polemen and swordsmen not expecting cavalry can
> defend against a clutch of light cavalry (medium armor, lighter
> poleweapons).  Test #2 should be Pike-Men and swordsmen (or billhook men)
> expecting a charge against mounted knights (heavier armor and Cavalry
> Lances).  Both test should include:  Can the cavalry get through; can the
> cavalry decimate the troopers or will the troopers annihalate the cavalry.

Both sound like good tests, quick question, what kind of horse armor
will you be using? Are the horses war trained? See the back of advanced
melee for details.
> #1.  Therefore a halberder with chain is going to be ST 12, DX 13(10) IQ 10.
>   Give your captain (leader) 2 additional attribute points.

> Cavalry - I agree that cavalrymen should be higher total attribute than
> troopers because they were more elite.  The selection of attributes should
> be the same as per troopers, EXCEPT give each cavalryman 2 more attributes
> points each.  Give your captain (leader) 2 additional attribute points.

Yep, sounds OK for this period.

> Test #1 should have Riding Horses.  The Cav should be in lighter armor and
> poles - perhaps leather and spears?
> Test #2 should have Draft horses and one warhorse.  The cav should be in
> chain to fullplate and cavalry lances and big sword/maces.

> Dominic stated:
> >Also moral will not be a factor, we will assume that nobody will
> >break ranks and run before contact is made or during the fight.

> This is actually good tactics for me to consider, but in this test, I want
> to see what the mashing of troops produces.

That's fair for a test case, there were elite infantry units even in
this period and bozo cavalry units so it's fair.
> I do have a question about Morale.  In almost all miniatures games, a group
> will break if they miss a morale check.  What would the equivalent be in
> TFT, what aare its parameters and how do you resolve morale results versus
> the player saying "my character is a hero.  He ain't budging."

Characters are heros, non player characters are not. I believe if a
follower takes some amount of damage a check is made to see if he hangs
around. The skill description has a vague DM determines this note.
> How will this actually be played out?
> 1)  Do you want to develop your groups and list all stats of the character
> here.  Then you can do Round 1 Movement/Combat by phone or by e-mail...
> maybe that would take to long.  Perhaps...
> 2)  By PBEM site.  What is involved with this and can we all watch while
> they battle it out?
> 3)  Perhaps it this massive skirmish can't be done on internet at all and
> you both need to get live partners to play it out.
> Are Dominic, Thorn and Jim up to this demo?

Don't know, I've vacation coming up shortly, there are die roller sites
out there and I'm not familar with any suitable PBEM sites. The only one
I have used has a very slow administrator, so setting up a new game on
it would be tough. We could set a group up on e-groups if the list
objected to running the demo here.
Fun tactics to remember, unhorsing, charge vs. pole arm, etc.

Jim Eckman
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