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Re: (TFT)

From: "grabowski" <grabowski@erols.com>
Subject: (TFT)
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000 00:20:42 -0400

New Spells IQ 10
MINE (S):  Places an invisible explosive ward within a megahex of the
creating wizard.  If this hex is stepped on, the mine will explode
causing 2d6 damage to that person or monster. The person or monster must then make a 3d6 roll vs. DX or fall down. This spell
can only be placed in an unoccupied hex and is treated as a special
protection spell (as per AW p.4 rules).  The person with MAGE SIGHT
or the creating wizard and anyone the wizard wants to see it can. The spell costs 3 ST and will last a watch (8 hours).

An interesting spell. I would put it in my catalog, but as usual with anyone who likes to customize, I would put modifications on it. I would have this be emplanted into a group of 5 small rocks that the wizard has to place in the correct pattern in that square. Then he has to activate the ward by performing the spell. (This is probably the GURPS way of doing it.) These rocks might be seen by an observant person but would he know what they mean? The MAGE SIGHT would work, too, as perhaps a glow on the rocks.

IQ 13

TORPEDO (S):  As the MINE spell, places an invisible explosive ward
within a megahex of the creating wizard. The difference is the TORPEDO will move toward an enemy of the wizard if the enemy steps within 4 hexes of the spell. The torpedo will attack the first enemy that enters this area and explode. ...This spell costs 4 ST to cast but unlike the mine spell only lasts 12 turns. A mage who
knows this spell will also know the IQ 10 MINE spell.

This is real powerful. I would make the movements 1 hex per turn and have it follow the target till it hits. Or make detonation faulty, say the chance of a dud is 1 or 2 on D6.

A little trivia a land mine during the American Civil War was
originally called a torpedo.  They were used during the Peninsula
Campaign by the CornFeds.  It was considered an "uncivilized" way
to fight a war, so their use was generally abandoned.  I live on
the Peninsula here in Virginia, a stones throw from Big Bethel
battlefield (now mostly under a reservoir).  The first land battle
in VA ---- Happened before the First Bull Run.

Isn't this the war where one army put so much powder in the mine that it blew a crater big enough to fit a brigade in there, moving the enemy line back only a little bit. Then they had to run a brigade through that pit and got wiped out?

Hail Melee

John Paul

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