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Re: (TFT)

> >New Spells IQ 10
> >MINE (S):

_ I like as is and have put it on the spellist ready to upload
> >IQ 13
> >

I agree with JPB somewhat, so I modified it slightly as follows:

Torpedo (S):  As the mine spell, places an invisible explosive ward within a
megahex of the creating wizard.  The difference is the torpedo will move
toward an enemy of the wizard ('scenting' them) if the enemy ends a movement
phase within 4 hexes of the spell, and striking (i.e. exploding) the
following round on the adjDX of the wizard who created it. It has a maximun
MA of 6, so will be unable to reach a target that has moved more than 6
hexes from being scented. Once activated, the torpedo will explode in one
The torpedo explodes causing 2d6 damage to the enemy and that person or
monster must make a 3d6 roll vs. DX or fall down.This spell can only be
placed in an unoccupied hex and is treated as a special protection spell (as
per AW p.4 rules).  An enemy with Mage Sight will not know the difference
between a mine or torpedo spell.  This spell costs 4 ST to cast but unlike
the mine spell only lasts 12 turns.  A mage who knows this spell will also
know the IQ 10 mine spell.

Ohterwise great spells..

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