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Re: (TFT) Re Cavalry Charge Proposal

I just looked at Brett Slocum's website article on TFT Riding and Mounted Combat. I think it might bear on the Cavalry Charge Test. Brett, I'm taking the liberty of printing *most* of Bill Seurer's stuff here. Thanks for providing them on your website.

"TFT Riding and Mounted Combat

"There are severe problems with the riding rules of TFT, especially those dealing with mounted combat. The following rules replace those in the TFT books where appropriate. These are intended to be rules for normal 2-hex mounts, such as horses and camels.

While running, mounts have even more trouble turning. While moving 8 or more hexes, a mount must move at least 2 hexes before each change of facing or sideslip. While moving 16 or more hexes, it must move at least 3 hexes. A mount which turns ("wheels about") before moving forward does not count this toward the 8 or 16 MA above. Any non-missile/non-thrown weapon used when a mount moves more than 8 hexes in a relatively straight line does an extra 2 points of damage.

A mount which moved 8 or more hexes the previous turn must move at least 3 hexes this turn. If it moved 16 or more hexes last turn, it must move 4 hexes this turn. The limitations on turning are still in effect as if the mount were still moving at the speed it was last turn.

"Carrying Capacity
The values computed using the formulae given in ITL just don't work very well. Use the following formulae instead:
Weight Carried (kg.)	   MA Penalty	   DX Penalty
       Up to STx1.5	   -2	            0
STx1.5  up to STx3	     -4	            0
STx3    up to STx4.5	   -6	            0
STx4.5  up to STx6	     -8	           -1
STx6    up to STx7.5	  -10	           -1 

"A mount may carry STx7.5 or more, but only at a walk (MA 4). If the mount is made to run with such a load, it will tire extremely quickly, taking 1 point of fatigue damage a turn for each ST/2 (rounded up) kg. over the limit. A mount may move quickly than the above chart indicates. It may move with up to 1/2 the penalty less, but will tire when doing so, taking 1 point of fatigue damage a turn. This is cumulative with the fatigue taken from carrying too heavy a load.

"Lance and Pike Rules
The lance and pike rules stated in Advanced Melee make them the deadliest weapons in the game. While they are quite devastating when used in the correct situation, they are not as terrible as the rules state. Knights don't always die when struck by a lance. The following rules supercede those given in Advanced Melee.

"The lance is a ST 13 weapon. It jabs for 2d-2 and in a charge does 2d damage doubled. This doubling occurs only if the target is directly in front of the mount. If the rider hits, the target must make a 4d/ST roll or be knocked down. The rider must also make a 3d/ST or 3d/adjDX roll (whichever is lower) to avoid dropping the lance.

"The pike is simply a huge spear. It jabs for 1d+1 and receives ground charges for 2d+2 damage. Pike users may not use charge attacks themselves, not throw their pikes, the pike is too clumsy for such attacks. Against a rider, the pike does 1d+3 doubled when receiving a charge. Note that most pikes were longer than most lances.

"Options for Mounted Figures
*	Don't move mount and
*	Dismount and move 1/2 MA.
*	Move 1/2 of mount's MA or less and
*	Jump off (Save vs. DX).
*	Have your mount attack (horsemen only).
*	Have your mount dodge (horsemen only, counts as rider dodging also).
*	Attack with any weapon or spell.
*	Change weapons.
*	Move mounts full MA or less and
*	Attack with any non-missile weapon or spell.
*	Dodge (rider, not mount).
*	Attack with any missile weapon or spell (expert horsemen only).
*	Change weapons (expert horsemen only)."

Copyright 1983,1999 by Bill Seurer.

I'll let the playtesters munch over if they want to do a subsequent test using Bill's alterations.

What do the other readers think of these modifications. I haven't had a chance to evaluate them yet.

Hail Melee

John Paul
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