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(TFT) Microquests

Well, damnation, I'm spoiled.

I just got through running Brett through OrbQuest, and I found the
experience to be unsatisfying.  This is due to a few factors.  The first
is that the last MQ we did was GrailQuest, which is often considered the
best of the MQs.  There was a lot of opportunity for role-playing, and it's
well-written.  OQ, on the other hand, was very much in the tradition of
the Death Tests - here's a series of rooms, go kill everything in them.

Without delving too far into the books (lest I ruin the surprises if I
ever actually get around to playing them!), it seems like Security Station
falls into this category as well, but Silver Dragon and Unicorn Gold
might not be as bad.  How do folks out there think these two stand as

Master of the Amulets wasn't quite as bad, but it still had the flavor of
hack-n-slash until you achieve the goal of finding the Magic Dingus.

So, there's a topic for today: your opinions on the MicroQuests.
Talk amongst yourselves :)

I'll start: Guy McLimore spoiled all the rest of them by making GrailQuest
so darn good!  Thanks, Guy!

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