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(TFT) monsters again

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Dear Michael,
I've been thinking more about the monster formatting and must admit the
major disicentive with adding more headings is the task of laying it out
again with the vast amount of monsters - I haven't counted but i think only
about a third to half are on my website. I think most things can be stuck
the following text. What I was thinking was uploading the whole lot like
spell list, and people can look and offer suggestions (e.g. " In my
campaign, troglodyte hordes have giant queens... etc. etc") and I can cut
and paste text to flesh out some descriptions as many monsters are somewhat

Tell me about it! I know what a pain it is. I've been trying to do it
unsuccessfully for YEARS! I wouldn't wish it on anyone!

I certainly appreciate you simply uploading the things as written. I'll
still try to get around to reformatting them for my own use - just for
GMing it's easier for me, but just having the site existing is more than

Thanks again!
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