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Re: (TFT) Armor damage and reduction

>Armor Damage and Reduction
>For every five points of damage (rounded to the nearest) above hits
>by an armor, there is a cumulative 1 in 6 chance of an armor's hits
>being reduced by one point.  Example:  If a character in leather
armor takes
>10 hits of damage (that's a  total of 8 hit more than the armor can
>"like u didn't know that"), there is a 2 in 6 chance of the armor
worn being
>reduced by one hit point permanently or until fixed by an armorer.
>Yours in Cidri,

works well. I'm glad to see others are using
armor "wearage" rules, too.
If I could find my campaign notes(old) I could check
my numbers, but think I was using:

1) Armor drops 1pt in protection after stopping 10x it's
protection value in damage. Note that the 10x is based
on the CURRENT protective value and the decline on the
armor accelerates if not repaired.
2) Armor will immediately drop 1pt in protection after
a critical hit is scored against it.
3) When armor is at half it's original protection(round UP)
each additional point lost also adds a -1 DX penalty due to
straps/plates/etc. flopping around loose from their
retaining buckles and straps being cut/broken.

ex1/ leather(2 pts) takes 22 damage and drops to only
1 pt protection. If it takes another 10 pts it will
be hanging in "tatters" causing -1 DX penalty to all
the wearer's attacks and provide 0 protection.

ex2/ mail armor(4 pts) takes 34 damage and keeps
working just fine. It must take another 6 pts before
it loses 1 pt of protection and stops 3.
Then it must take another 30pts to drop it another
level to only 2 pts protection.
At this point it's down to half it's original value
so any further drop in protection will also inflict
-1 DX per drop as the armor's "fitting" is being
hacked apart.

ex3/ "Fred" is wearing metal armor(5 pt) and is nearing
the end of a long drawn-out fight.
His armor has absorbed some 128 damage and looks like
50 dmg(-1 pt to 4)
40 dmg(-1 pt to 3)* half dmg(2.5 rounded up)
30 dmg(-1 pt to 2, and -1 DX)
8  dmg(no affect yet)

Fred better hope the fight's nearly over as he's not
only nearly out of protection BUT he has a further -1 DX
penalty to add to the armor's original DX penalty.

sorry, long-winded.


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