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Re: Re: Re: (TFT) Number Crunching: Example

dan tulloh wrote:
> I agree the degree of change is a bit steep but I don't 
> know of a good way to handle that and still retain a 
> playable system.  : (  Maybe I can come up with something
> better upon further reflection.

Well if it works for you, that's what really matters. I 
can see why one might want something other than the basic
TFT system.

Here's a variation of your system to consider: basically 
use your system as described, but use ALL the dice rolled 
to check for criticals (using the ITL p.38 numbers).  You 
could even 'tweak' the ITL numbers to shade the results 
toward increased crit failures on harder rolls, and
increased crit success on easier rolls.  It's not quite 
as elegant of a solution, but it'd be no more cumbersome 
than the basic TFT system.

Just a thought...


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