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Re: (TFT) Number Crunching: Example

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Now what about a talent that lets a character defend better?  Say, add 
another Die to make it 5D6.  Or what about a talent that lets him 
immediately counter an attack that he defended:  Sam defends, Joe misses or

hits, Sam immediately uses his counterattack skill at -4DX.

Hail Melee

John Paul<

This sounds like a heckuva lot easier solution. Something along the lines
of allowing each additoinal level of weapon skill to cancel out -1d6 from a
Defend or Dodge. Therefore Improved Sword (7/4) subtracts -1d6 from any
Defend attempts. Advanced Bow (7/7) subracts -2d6 from Dodge's, etc. 

You could even make an argument that having an adjDX 4 or more above your
attacker can cancel out d6's.

But these all seem like simplier ways of achieving the goal - making it
easier to attack those who are very hard to hit...

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