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(TFT) Auto successes on 4+ dice.

>Dan Tulloh writes:
>('Stan asks'?  Er, it wasn't me asking that question.  I 
> was the one who posted the original number crunching.
> My stupid habit of not signing my messages probably 
> made things confusing.)
>But you raise an interesting point, that in AM there's 
>no reference to changing the range of automatic success/
>critical hits on rolls of 4+ dice, meaning that if 
>you're rolling six dice there is not even a chance 
>of automatic success, since you can't roll a five or

In the GM's shield they give the automatic success
chances for more dice.  On 4 dice it is 8 or less.
On 5 dice it is 11 or less.  On 6 dice it is 14 or less.
Add 3 for each extra die.

This rule is NOT used with defends and dodges
since they lower the chance of the enemy getting
a automatic hit.


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