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RE: (TFT) Live Metric or Die!

So how does everyone feel about TFT using only the metric system for

I've been sticking with that for a while, but it's starting to bug me. I
think that Steve Jackson got that right in GURPS when he went back to the
pound system. How do people feel about it Doesn't come up enough? >>>>>>>>

TFT was a product of its time.  Remember baseball stadium walls with English
and metric measurement on the outfield walls.  You never heard Tony say to
Joe, "Boy Aaron just hit that ball 150 meters!!!"  When I played we never
really paided attention to the measurement of hexes (all 3 feet 3 inches of
it).   What killed the idea was hard-headed Americans (thinking they have
the only good thoughts in the world) always wanted to convert any metric
measurement they saw into inches, feet, yards, miles, etc...  Just like
wanting to be great learning another language, it doesn't work that way.
The only left over we have from this period is soft drink bottles ---- when
is the last time you asked for a quart of Coke.

Yours in Cidri who believes the U.S. needs to go to metric,

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