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RE: (TFT) Poisons

Cas wrote,

> I wrote this last August.  See how you like it.

Yeah, Justin good idea but i think I like Dan's a little better - but the
fiendish part would be if the GM, not the player, rolled the 2d damage and
kept track of the total points to be lost in secret, thereby leaving Sir
Roland say, getting 1ST weaker by the turn and not knowing when he'll get
The latter system is also easier for having different critters with
different poison strentghs to play with and write rules for, which is what i
might just do......................>>>>>

So far so good.  Grabowski to Tulloh to Liber almost like the Tinker to
Evers to Chance (early 20th century baseball double play trio) of TFT
poison.  This is why I throw these rules out there.  So far I believe we
have kept this poison rule uncomplicated enough for TFT.  JPB's idea of a
turn board is good.  A simple tool for a simple game.

As far as JBP's paralysis idea, I like one part----

<<<<<Ghoul Touch is a 'poisonous' paralysis which spreads quickly from the
portion of Flesh touched.  Successful touch spreads the paralysis one body
segment each turn.  Thus if you get touched in the right arm this turn that
arm goes limp.  Next turn it jumps to your left arm which goes limp.  Next
turn it jumps to your right leg which goes limp and you either drop or drag
the leg.  Next turn it jumps to your left leg which goes limp.  Now you
either drop or roll to stay up, but you can't move or shift.  Next turn it
enters your abdomen and your lower half is numb (do your bowels loosen?).
If you're standing, make another Dex roll.  Next turn its reached your
chest, breathing is either slowed to sleep level or spastic.  You drop!.
Last is the head which either causes you to go unconscious or your
completely wide awake and aware, but can't do anything about it.

Let this paralysis last for an hour. >>>>>

Easy to follow using the idea of a turn board.

The part I didn't like (sorry buddy my own opinion) was----

<<<But the paralysis effect is so powerful that it imbeds
itself into the armor for a few rounds and an accumulations of strikes but
no damage can even cause paralysis.

Metal completely stops, leather stops 4 touches, cloth stops 3 touches,
shirts stop 1 touch.  However, if clawed the damage that gets through starts
the paralysis.  This works on all humanoids, though elves can make a savings
throw at +2.  Reptile men are immune.

Ghouls spread ?living dead? disease.  (If you are shredded or bitten by
ghoul and survive, you have a chance of being infected:  Save vs ST-6.  If
you seek medical or herbal care in 1/2 hour, the risk drops to:  Save vs.
ST-2.  If, in 5 hours, you seek a miracle-worker who can cure disease, the
miracle will negate any risk.  If you become infected you will become a
walking dead in 6 hours.)  DM makes any savings rolls.>>>>

This makes the poison/paralysis rules a "little" too complicated.  What I
mean by this is remembering how many times a person has been touched
according to armor.  I think  with the ghoul (D&D type that you are thinking
of) in order for it to cause paralysis it must damage the victim.  Dirty
fingernails, heavy plaque on its teeth, halitosis, whatever

Also there are touches of Gurps in the rule using "Save vs ST-6".  Wouldn't
it be better to just use 4d or 5d vs ST?  This follows the idea of the game
related to saves.  Not a big deal though!!!

Yours in Cidri,

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