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(TFT) The Ultimate Spell List

Something I've been meaning to do for a long time, I finally got the chance
to do during the wonderful broadcast of Demolition Man.

Here is a complete least of every spell ever published for TFT (and their
sources) except the spells currently already on the Internet  and Rick
Smith's own list of unpublished spells. Perhaps those authors can work with
Cas to truly have a truly comprehensive TFT spell list.

Dragon, Vol. 4, No.6 (?)
Some Spells for the Very Smart Sorceryer
Freedom (17/T)
Heat Metal (17/T)
Slip (17/T)
Stun (17/C)
Tongues (17/S)
Weakness (17/T)
Animate Dead (18/C)
Apport (18/S)
Blind (18/C)
Paralyze (18/C)
Enchant Weapon (19/S)
Magic Sword (19/S)
Polymorph Others (19/S)
Polymorph Self (19/S)
Earthquake (20/S)
Raise Dead (20/T)
Wither (20/T)

FF#3, Armor, Weapons and Spell Expansions

Cast Sound (10/T)
Feather Fall (11/T)
Light Healing Spell (11/T)
Medium Healing Spell (14/T)
Heavy Healing Spell (18/T)
Light Manipulation (25/S)
Sixth Sense (25/S)
Fordce Field (25/C)
Energy Field (25/T)
Energy Rope (25/C)
Energy Bolt (25/M)
Destroy Metals (25/T)
Disintegrate (25/T)
The Crippling Spell: Loss of Legs (25/S)
The Crippling Spell: Loss of Arms (25/S)
The Crippling Spell: Deafness (25/S)
The Crippling Spell: Muteness(25/S)
The Crippling Spell: Blindness (25/S)
The Crippling Spell: Insanity (25/S)
The Crippling Spell: Clutziness(25/S)
The Crippling Spell: Weakling(25/S)
The Crippling Spell: Multipled Ugliosis (25/S)
The Crippling Spell: Aging (25/S)
Multiple Spell Capability (25/ T)
Grand Illusion (25/C)

Acid Ice Flows
Warm Rock (9/T)
Fire Hot (11/S)
Ice Ball (12/M)
Warm Wood (12/T)
Summon Nthizz (14/C)
Sleet STorm (15/M)
Summon Zack-Siss (17/C)
Ice Tomb (19/C)
Stop Fires (20/S)
Temperature Wall (26/T)

Inept Adept #1
Power Blast (10/T)
Tongues (12/S)
Firey Guardian (15 /S)
Walls That Hear (16 /C)
Stiff Flesh (17/T)
Steel Flesh (17/T)

Inept Adept #2
Tree of Spikes (10/C)
Summon 1-hex Spider (12/C)
Yellow Smoke (12/C)
Advanced Destroy Creature (13/T)
Sonic Blast (13/S)
Summon Dire Wolf (13/C)
Yellow Smoke, 4-hex (14/C)
Tree of Spikes (14/C)
Zone of Silence (14/C)
Yellow Smoke, 7-hex (16/C)
Find Hidden Objects (16/T)
Lock/Knock Portal (17/T)
Megahex Spell Shield (18/T)
Ice Tomb (19/C)
Summmon 14-hex Dragon (20/C)
Summon 7-hex Spider (20/C)
Gate Trap (22/S)
Control Hymenopterans (25/T)
Summon Ichorlaton (27/C)
Destroy Magic Items (28/S)

Dry Ice (20/T)
Rod of Aaron (13/T)
Place Exchange (16/S)
Location (11/S)
Smoke (12/C)
Zone of Silence (14/C)
Force Field (25/C)
Bats Out of Hell (15/C)
Death Disk (?)
Whirlwind (14/S)
Bind Spirit (13/S)
Heat Metal (17/T)
Stun (17/T)
Weakness (17/T)
Image, 14-hex (17/C)
Blind (18/T)
Diamond Flesh (18/T)
Light Ray (18/M)
Shadow, 14-hex (18/C)
FIre, 14-hex (18/C)
Wall, 14-hex (18/C)
Illusion, 14-hex (18/C)
Temporary Enchantment (18/T)
Animate Weapon (19/S)
Metamorph Others (19/T)
Metamorph Self (19/S)
Levitate (19/T)
Pit (19/C)
Earthquake (20/S)
FIre Blast (20/S)
Ground (20/T)
Summon Large Dragon (20/C)
Multiple Creation (20/S)
Enforce (20/S)
Create Gem (16/S)
Turning (9/T)
Knotting/Unknotting (12/T)
Ice (13/C)
Amnesia (14/T)
Magic Mist (14/C)
Staff to Wweapon (17/T)
Vampire Spell (19/T)
Auto Shapeshifting (20/T)
Discrete Astral Projection (17/S)
Spell Combustion (11/T)
Control Missile (15/T)
Cure Light Wounds (9/S)
Cure Serios Wounds (14/S)
Bless (9/S)
Numb Spell (14/T)
Detect Life (9/S)
Warm (10/T)
Chil (10/T)
Summon Class I (8/C)
Summon Class II (10/C)
Summon Class III (11/C)
Summon Class IV (13/C)
Summon Class V (14/C)
Summon Class VI (16/C)
Summon Class VII (18/C)
Summon Class VIII (20/C)
Water Purification (9/T)
Messenger Ligth (9/C)
Cure Blindness/Deafness (11/T)
Poison Immunity (12/T)
Plant Fertility/Disease Cure (12/T)
Commune With Nature (12/S)
Increase Animal Fertility (13/T)
Toss (15/T)
Flight II (16/T)
Solar Flare (16/S)
Steel Flesh (20/T)
Human Fly (20/T)
Dimension Shift (23/S)
Vertigo Blast (23/S)
Gravity Shift (33/S)
Magnetic Zap (33/T)
Wolf-Hearing (14/T)
Featherweight (15/T)
Transmute (15/S)
Deform (?/T)
TSG #57 Trivial Spell Contest Results 
Summon Brass Dragon (12/C)
Turn Blue (8/S)
Ingold's Instant Insanity (8/S)
Summon Mime (10/C)
Summon Barmaid (8/C)

Glasses, False Nose & Moustache (8/T)
Fat (8/T)
Dancing Brass Knuckles (9/C)
Disco (9/C)
EPA Evaluatin (10/S)
Hemorrhoid (10/T)
Summon Nymphomaniac (11/C)
Satyr (11/T)
Dancing Sword (11/C)
Neutron Bomb (12/T)
Artillery Shell (12/M)
Summon Killer Bees (12/C)
Spanish Moss (13/C)
Summon Osmondoids (13/C)
Skylab (14/C)
Clone (15/C)
Summon 12-hex Battleship (16/C)
Summon Captain Marvel (16/C)

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