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Re: (TFT) Poison Paralysis & Ghoul Touch

> Ghouls spread 'living dead' disease.  (If you are shredded or bitten by
> ghoul and survive, you have a chance of being infected:  Save vs ST-6.  If
> you seek medical or herbal care in 1/2 hour, the risk drops to:  Save vs.
> ST-2.  If, in 5 hours, you seek a miracle-worker who can cure disease, the
> miracle will negate any risk.  If you become infected you will become a
> walking dead in 6 hours.)  DM makes any savings rolls.
> {AT THE INFIRMERY:  Gee, Imalgo, you've been staring at my broken arm for
> over an hour.  You don't look so well; you're face looks all leathery,
> eyes look sunken and yellow... your aaaahhhhhhhhhhh.}
> Hail Melee
> John Paul

Man, you been seein' too many George A Romero movies! I found them all
pretty scary and good ideas for vamping up the walking dead!
I like these ideas and can't wait ta see what Rick has as well to synthesize
all this

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