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(TFT) SL/A vs TFT and other stuff

Greetings from Christchurch.

Could someone please inform me as to the pertenant differences between
Star Leader Assult ad TFT. Is it a good and or workable system, or was
it just the last rat to leave the sinking ship.

Does anyone know how readily available AM, ITL and such Microgames as
Ram Speed are. Do they still exist at reasonable prices or would I be
better advised to look for hens teeth. I've been looking, on and off,
for AM and ITL for more than 10 years, very little of Metagaming's
produce made it to the South Island so I was lucky to find the copy of
AM I have.

With reguard to magic for towns and cities, on page 3 of AW, Wizards on
Cidri, Their frequency and position is compared to that of modern day
doctors and engineers, one person in about 300. It would fit then for
them to be involved in the improvement to their town or city, not just
sanitation either. In harbour cities, the local wizards guild may have
bound several water elementals to the task of piloting shipping in and
out of the inner harbour. Casting sanitation magics may not be an
illustrious job, but it would be a fitting task for miscreant
apprentises from the school of magic who have been given detention. Even
this is probably not necessary, as the group who sets a public work may
only need magic to put the processes in place, the running thereafter
being left to non-magicly adept minor functionaries.

Tim Allan

Out of the mouths of babes and idiots comes projectile vomit.
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