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(TFT) Turn Board as Logistic Help

From: "grabowski" <grabowski@erols.com>
Subject: (TFT) Dan Tulloh's addendum to Justin's poison rule
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 01:49:12 -0400

Lets say a PC, Sir Ronald, is being accosted by a Giant Spider.  On
Turn 2, Sir Ronald suffers a bite (1 point damage) but fails his
saving throw - the poison does 6 points of damage (he writes a '6' on
a piece of scrap paper).  Justin

I agree with what has been observed on the site before: the reason all poison damage was dumped in at the beginning was ease of administration. Keeping track of when someone was supposed to take that next hit of damage, ect.

The scrap paper or pencil marks on the character sheets are a good way of doing this upkeep.

In running miniatures (which all the game is in rounds), I came up with a 1 minute white board. I drew out a 12 boxes on the board and numbered them 1 - 12. These represented 5 second rounds. As each round was done, I'd check the box. If someone suffered something that would be a continuing item, or a spell that lasts 3 rounds, etc, or shock, aid spells, etc., it's inception would be marked in the appropriate box. Round 3: Joe takes poison; Sally receives aid spell.

One could go to the box of Round 8 and put "last of Joe's poison."
Then each turn at renew spells, evaluate the turn board.

If someone is doing something secretly (even the GM), something cryptic could be put in the box. Round 4: Mushroom Cloud. Let the players ponder that!

You can even use the Turn Board as a journal of what happened each turn.

Hail Melee

John Paul

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