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Re: (TFT) EPT for TFT?

> From: hhermit@qni.com (Jeffrey May)
> Subject: (TFT) EPT for TFT?
> I keep seeing mention of Empire of the Petal Throne / Tekumel monsters on
> the list, and people have alluded to using TFT with the EPT setting.

Because I did it before there were websites? It's on 5 1/4" disks? The
dog ate it ;)

Basically no real changes are needed with non-min/max players. For the
spells, this is first edition EPT, they are similar to old D&D. I had
the players design the spells with a gentle reminder that the NPCs used
the same lists, in some cases they designed them even if they weren't
using them! Much the same for skills, you take priest and I gave you two
ancient languages, etc. My players were interested in roleplaying with
some combat/conflict resolution required. A very fine system for it.

Jim Eckman
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