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Re: (TFT) RE: Fine Armor Manufacturing?

Michael Taylor wrote:
> Message text written by INTERNET:tft@brainiac.com
> >Incidentally, how do people and rick feel about separate demons and devils
> in theology/demonology?
> Cas
> <
> Personally, I feel it's a silly D&Dism. They are the same thing.

I imagine they might debate that.  :)  Or rather, one might debate it,
the other would shred the opposition.

I agree D&D was silly in its bifurcation of 'evil' planars.  But I found
the ideas later presented to be intriguing.  What if the Gladsheimians
and Olympians and Nirvanans were all summonable?

I remember a memorable several seesions of local RPG dealing with the
liberation of a 'Daemon' of LN(E) extraction.

I think 'demon' and 'devil' entries is too simple.  Either gloss over
the matter, or state, "These dimensional entities can be grouped loosely
by demeanor and goals, odd weapons and environmental vulnerabilities,
and known associates.  Most localities have a single word for all such
entities, 'demon', or 'tanar', or 'diablo'.  Of course, no single word
can possibly convey enough meaning, or warn sufficiently strongly..."

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