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Re: (TFT) RE: Fine Armor Manufacturing?

> >You all need to have a look at the third edition or the d20 system, Wizards
> >did a commendable job with the new game.  I stopped playing D&D or AD&D
> >years ago when TFT:ITL showed its great face and thought I would never play
> >that stupid level game again.  I was wrong.  TFT is great--- D&D is now
> >very
> >good.  Give it a look its much less silly (How's that for wording!
> <
> That's what everyone says.....and it still makes no sense to me...
> So in the year 2000 D&D has finally caught up to the games I've been
> playing since 1982.... gee, how nice for them....
> But why would I play just because its' finally "almost" caught up with real
> roleplaying games?
> So its less silly? So what? I already play a 'less silly' games! Why would
> I suddenly want to go back to D&D? 
> Just because it's less lame than it used to be doesn't mean it's actually
> good enough to be worth anyone's time!
> Just my opinion....but I just dont understand why anyone cares ... (except
> all the gamers who claim they are going to make millions writing d20
> supplements....)
> I've sworn I'll never play D&D again --- and I dont see any reason why a
> D&D version of FUZION would change my mind!

Hey now, don't go insulting FUZION here!  D&D 3e has no more similarity
to FUZION than it does to Ars Magica, Fading Suns, or any other system
than adds stat + skill + dice roll vs target number.

It's still class and level based, and crippled by a poorly implemented magic
system, but at least they tried.  They could have done a lot more to make
the game a "state-of-the-art" RPG, but then they would have lost their core

But, anyway, this isn't related to TFT, so I'll drop it here.

Tony Merlock

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