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(TFT) RE: D&D 3e

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Hey now, don't go insulting FUZION here!  D&D 3e has no more similarity
to FUZION than it does to Ars Magica, Fading Suns, or any other system
than adds stat + skill + dice roll vs target number.

It's still class and level based, and crippled by a poorly implemented
system, but at least they tried.  They could have done a lot more to make
the game a "state-of-the-art" RPG, but then they would have lost their core

But, anyway, this isn't related to TFT, so I'll drop it here.

Tony Merlock<

No, please dont misunderstand me! I'm insulting D&D 3rd edition for
basically being a FUZION rip-off! 

They've ripped off the marketing plan of making it available (and they've
admitted as much) and from what I've seen of the 'd20' system it's really
just the FUZION/Interlocks' skill/difficulty system. 

Sure, the Difficulty level system is now very common (starting with TFT
perhaps?) but D&D has had a skill system since the Gazeteer series for D&D
(if not earlier), so all they've really done is unified the various
categories of skills. 

You didn't notice the similarity between the D&D "Profession" and "Craft"
categories with the similar 'catch-all' categories in FUZION?

It's TFT in that we're basically comparing new game systems with TFT.

But basically I agree completely - if they'd changed the crippling parts of
D&D....the Classes, Levels, Hit Dice, Forget-as-you-go-Magic system then
they wouldn't have been doing a 3rd edition of D&D - they would've been
writing a new system!

And that's okay I guess. No insult intended really, but I dont particularly
want to play with D&D core audience! Even if they change the system!

It's a pretty book however! ;]

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