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Re: (TFT) RE: D&D 3e

<much snippage>
I said
>> Hey now, don't go insulting FUZION here!  D&D 3e has no more similarity
>> to FUZION than it does to Ars Magica, Fading Suns, or any other system
>> than adds stat + skill + dice roll vs target number.
You said
> No, please dont misunderstand me! I'm insulting D&D 3rd edition for
> basically being a FUZION rip-off! 

Ok, I know I said I'd drop it, but I just wanted to let you know that I was
attempting to be clever in my original response, but it turned out sounding
far more harsh than I intended.  I actually did understand what you meant,
but my attempt to sound clever exceeded my ability to ;)

> And that's okay I guess. No insult intended really, but I dont particularly
> want to play with D&D core audience! Even if they change the system!

Now, *that* I understand.... I currently play D&D with two groups - one is
considering switching to 3e, and the one I run is switching to TFT (yea!).

Both groups, however, fit in the "D&D core audience" fold, and all they want
to do is go dungeon-delving, kill more things, and get more treasure than
they got last time.  It sucks, but the group I run has been gaming together
for nearly 20 years, and I've tried to evolve them into role-players, but
it just hasn't worked....

It does make writing adventures easier, tho ;)

Tony Merlock
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