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Re: Re: (TFT) RE: D&D 3e

You know, I swore I wasn't going to get involved in this,
but oh well.  However, let me try to steer things back to
TFT at least.

> Both groups, however, fit in the "D&D core audience" fold, 
> and all they want to do is go dungeon-delving, kill more 
> things, and get more treasure than they got last time. 

That's the genius of TFT.  It works for "real" role-playing, 
and it works great for a dungeon-bash, too.  I have to say
that while I'm NOT a big fan of...

PL: "Alright, we bash down the door."
DM: "Okay, inside you see a 30x30 room, and um, <roll, roll, 
     roll, flip, flip flip> twelve orcs.  Roll for initiative."

...I and the group I run TFT for do tend to like "dungeony" 
adventures, with maps and 10' squares, but where the 
inhabitants make sense and there's some scope for tactics.  

That's what I really like about TFT--being I suppose an 
AH/SPI wargamer at heart I like hexes and rules that don't 
need to be arbitrarily extended and interpreted by the GM 
on the spot to cover everything.  TFT largely has that.  

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