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(TFT) Re: Cloak of the Velvet Hand -> controlling PC's

Hi Joel,
	The main danger I see is it is not fun to play a controlled 
character.  How you handle this should be thought about carefully,
and hopefully the PC can fight free of control fairly quickly.

	(Some thing extraordinary should happen to allow the
PC to break free if you want it to be very difficult to break free.
Otherwise the PC's will wonder why all the NPC's that are 
controlled don't break free just as easy.)

	That is my main concern.


>Greetings friends.
>I started the game out in a forrest near town. 2 players smelled a campfire and followed it to the 3 men. They observed and then returned to town. Another player encountered the 3 men later in the game. They were very cordial to him. They sat him down, shared their camp with him... and during the meeting one of the mercs dropped the cloak around his shoulders. Now, unfortunately that player is *controlled*.
>It was fairly easy.

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