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(TFT) RPG preference

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>>>>>>>>>>I guess I feel similar to Justin regarding D&D, it does have a
helluva lot
>>>>>>>>>>of resoures and is packaged prettily. 

Well, as far as resources go, I dont have any problem using the same
resources that D&D uses! In fact, I'm waiting for one of their new modules
to come out - I cant wait to convert it. The conversion isn't that much of
a bother to me...

Yes, it is pretty. Try Earthdawn someday...that'll cure you of that bias!

>>>>>>>>>>Sometimes I think the specific RPG
>>>>>>>>>>system is less important than the actual RPG/storytelling itself.

Sometimes I think that as well, but then I think that as we all have
experiences we share because of our having played TFT.  D&D players and
Champions players and Star Trek players and GURPS players also have shared
events. These events are usually inspired by the rules -- there are
exceptions, but rarely - and D&D players are pretty much taught to kill and

When I think of that theory - I equate it with script writing or other
creative endeveors and then it seems obvious that it's merely wishful
thinking. For example:

"Sometimes I think the quality of the author's writing skills is less
important than the actual story itself."
"Sometimes I think the actor playing the part is less important than the
actual film itself."

See what I mean? The system isn't *everything*....but its a whole heckuva

>>>>>>>>>>There are things I miss about D&D and RQ; 

What do you miss about these games? (this list *is* about missing old games
after all!)

>>>>>>>>>>I'm not hugely happy with the
>>>>>>>>>>nebulous world of Cidri but understand that it was/is a malleable
>>>>>>>>>>also miss all the priest/religion type stuff (which is funny
because I'm an
>>>>>>>>>>of the game was difficult how SJ would implement it early on. But

Yeah, I agree. Steve Jackson is a great game mechanics designer but the
creative part of it has always seemed to elude him..

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