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Re: (TFT) RPG preference

I liked the gloranthan pantheon in RQ
I liked the Glorantha mythology alot from RQ (Yelm, Orlanth, the runes etc.) and the initiates and battle magic, also there was some effort to have different critters (Broo, Scorpionmen etc.) much like EPT has different stuff.
I loved all the planar stuff in D&D and permutations thereof (eg. paraelemental and quasielemental planes etc.) and alignment, but only if played loosely as a guide, I found restrictive, literal alignment playing to be boring, quite frankly. I liked having separate devils and demons etc secondary to alignment. 
I really hated how stultifying AD&D2 got (even though the rules improved, I liked subspecialty mages) but really hated all the lingo in Planescape ('bashers' etc.) and the abstraction of some of the gods. I found the Forgotten realms pretty generic and bland (much like McDonalds food really). dragonlance was a little better but I resented the linearity of the adventures.

For campaign dressing, I like what I've read in WL of darok and FL of Dihad but have obtained them only recently and hence never GMed them, so was wondering what people's expreience of them had been.
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