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Re: (TFT) RPG preference

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>>>>>I liked the gloranthan pantheon in RQ
>>>>>I liked the Glorantha mythology alot from RQ (Yelm, Orlanth, the runes
etc.) and the initiates and battle magic, also there was >>>>>some effort
to have different critters (Broo, Scorpionmen etc.) much like EPT has
different stuff.
>>>>>I loved all the planar stuff in D&D and permutations thereof (eg.
paraelemental and quasielemental planes etc.) and alignment, >>>>>but only
if played loosely as a guide, I found restrictive, literal alignment
playing to be boring, quite frankly. I liked having >>>>>separate devils
and demons etc secondary to alignment. 
>>>>>I really hated how stultifying AD&D2 got (even though the rules
improved, I liked subspecialty mages) but really hated all the >>>>>lingo
in Planescape ('bashers' etc.) and the abstraction of some of the gods. I
found the Forgotten realms pretty generic and >>>>>bland (much like
McDonalds food really). dragonlance was a little better but I resented the
linearity of the adventures.

Acutally I agree with you on pretty much all of those points.. I dont
really associate any of those things (regarding) with the D&D "system"

I've never understood why Forgotten Realms ever got so popular! I always
liked the D&D Gazetteer series for the Known World - and was once going to
run a TFT campaign there with different GM's taking different continents
and running them, but it fell threw...

I still think the Known World is one of the most vibrant and interesting
worlds any game companies ever done. I like it even better than Glorantha
or EPT. 

>>>>>For campaign dressing, I like what I've read in WL of darok and FL of
Dihad but have obtained them only recently and hence >>>>>never GMed them,
so was wondering what people's expreience of them had been.

That reminds me - didnt someone start a project (maybe it was you? I just
used one of your encounter tables from this list..) do further populate the
"Lords" series on-line? 


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