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Re: (TFT) idea from diablo II

> I've got a pretty detailed set of rules for converting D&D creatures and
> NPC's if you want a copy. Seems to work out pretty well.>
> Michael

if thats the same one on Ty's website, I've already looked at it. It's good,
but I must admit, I ended up just looking at how they 'played' in he game
and going from there with an internal feeling for stats and wrote them. I
keep aving trouble with the PDF file at the Wizards which keeps refusing to
download (yes I have acrobat 4.0). They have a teaser of the Quasielemental
plane of lightning too whic does the same thing. But anyway, I looked at
some of it and I'll try and print it out at work sometime.
I've converted the Devilkin (comprising Fallen, Carvers, and true Devilkin)
and the fetishes.

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