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(TFT) Two more for EPT


	A spectral creature that is invisible to humans and non-humans, except for
Pe Choi, who can use their MAGE SIGHT to see them.  The Qumqum can be heard
coming from up to 50 megahexes away because of the terrible thunder-like
noise it makes. The only thing that can hurt this creature is wizardry or
	The Qumqum starts with ST 40-50 DX 12 IQ 10 and a MA of 12.  There hide
stops 2 hits but the creatures main defense is that it has natural
invisiblity at no ST cost.  They fight invisibly with a special pike ax
forged by the priests of Sarku.  The pike axe is +1 damage magic and does
3-1 damage.  This pike ax is invisible an can fetch in the open market
	The Qumqum is dangerous but may ignore a party (2 in 6 chance) if not given
a task, such as guarding.  The Qumqum fears fire and any time this weapon is
used against it there is a two in six chance that the creature will flee.
This creature can also be driven off by an Eye of Destestation or an Eye of
Incomparible Command.

	An animated man-like bronze automaton some seven feet tall.  They were used
by the ancients to guard gate openings.  They start with ST 50-75 DX 14 IQ
20 and a MA of 12.  Their bronze body stops 5 hits and they have three
different types of attacks.
	Its first attack is with a +1 DX/+1 damage great sword (adjDX 15 and 3+2
damage) that it wields one-handed.  Its second attack is that its other hand
shoot light crossbow bolt that does 2 dice of damage.  When fireing these
bolts, treat the bolt like a thrown weapon after it traverses a megahex.  So
if a target is 3 hexes away there are no modifiers but if the target is five
hexes away the Ru'un receives a -2DX to hit that target.  The automaton has
five of these bolts ("fingers")and it can fire one per turn.  After a battle
the Ru'un will return these bolts to the sockets where they belong.  The
Ru'un's third attack is it throws off a continuous SHOCK SHIELD of one die
of damage and anyone that hits the Ru'un with a metal weapon in hand will
receive 1-2 points of damage that armor does not stop.
	Two special abilities the Ru'un has is MAGE SIGHT at no ST cost and it can
never be surprised.  The Ru'un only obeys the Incomparible Eye of Command
and the Amulet of ruling the Ru'un.

Yours in Cidri,

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