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Re: (TFT) Discussion: Devils and Demons --> Same thing?

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Actually, I quite like the 'mythology' described in the old DragonQuest
by SPI - there were 5 levels of Demon lords, which contained dozens of
unique demons, and each could grant lesser spirits (devils and imps) to
those who summoned them.  Of course, it was *far* less than a monster-bash
when they were involved.... You just didn't try to fight them, unless you
had no other choice.<

I dont really think that a demon 'heirarchy' is the same thing as the
Demons/Devils distinction in D&D. 

I also have Earth Demons, Demonic Servants, Demonspawn, Devlin and Lesser
and Greater Demons. All Demons at different levels of evolution.....

But I dont have an entire different species of Demon that is simply a
mirror image with different attributes. Devils in D&D are not different
forms of demons - they are an entirely different species that thematically
and dramatically serves the exact same purpose as Demons! They're just
'another' thing you can summon....

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