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>>>>What was the title of those???  I read them almost 15-18 years ago!

Actually, I tend to like his game material more than I like his novels -
but they'd make a great world for roleplaying!

>>>>I still like HarnMaster more but TFT is easier to teach to folks new to
>>>>RPGs, even than D&D.

I dont really know the system that well. The world is really well done, but
if I were going to use that kind of world, I'd use the ICE Middle-Earth
stuff which I liked a little better.

>>>>Eventually maybe I will put them on the list.  One character known as
>>>>was a chemically/magically induced werebear.  The PC worked his IQ up
>>>>enough that he could use IQ7 talents.  A bear with a two-handed

I'd love to see characters like that. Maybe you can add it to Cas's Cidri

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