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    I still like HarnMaster more but TFT is easier
to teach to folks new to RPGs, even than D&D.

Yours in Cidri,

Harn is the high end in role playing maps. Real cartography. Dungeons with a little number in every room representing the height of the ceiling. I consider TFT to be on the opposite end of role playing map quality. All other games lie somewhere in-between. I don't know anyone who doesn't either make their own, or buy a different set of maps. I even ran a TFT Harn campaign. We had a blast. It was great. I came away feeling that in an alternate time line where TFT did develope, Harn may have had more than just a TFT feel to it. TFT armed with Harns setting could have easily toppled AD&D. Back in the day. Hey, is there a GURPS/Harn suppliment yet? I thought I saw one.
    Its a little too rainy though.

    David Michael Grouchy II
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