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(TFT) HTH Combat Modifiers?

Hello Folks,

After lurking a while, and idea has popped into my noggin that I thought I'd 
solicit thoughts from the peanut gallery here.  I'm usually a faily strict 
interpretor of the TFT rules, because I love the game as it is - simple.   I 
do employ SOME house rules, and I think that it's a great system to add or 
subtract from as you see fit.

So, on the the issue at hand (to hand).  It seems to me that given the 
current system of rules it's rather easy to get an opponent into HTH combat, 
particularly using qualifier b) (below).

a) defender has back to wall, lying down, prone, kneeling
b) defender has a lower MA
c) attacker comes in from the rear
d) defender agrees to enter HTH

Now football fans out there I'm sure will attest to the fact that Dieon 
Sanders is faster than most of his collegues in the NFL, but he can't tackle 
worth a damn.  I understand the rationale behine rule b) (above), but In my 
many years of playing TFT, I've used this little gem to (unfairly in my view) 
manipulate combat as both as both a player and GM.  I asure you that players 
in my campaigns complain vociferously about the dreaded dagger wielding 
Piests of the Red Sash, who all have the Running talent, and who like to come 
in waves at yon heroes !

I'm not advocating a drastic change in the parameters for initiating HTH, but 
I wondered if any here have some modifiers to the d6 roll for things such as 
higher (or lower) ST or DX, HTH talent level, terrain, suprise, weight of 
combatants, etc.  It just seems rather silly to assume that 2/3 of the time a 
faster man can take another man to the ground based on speed alone.  This 
goes simlilarly for condition a) above  - back to wall, and even to some 
extent for c) coming in from the rear.

I just wondered if any of you chaps have tried out a table of modifiers to 
the d6 roll, or what you think of it.  

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