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Re: (TFT) HTH Combat Modifiers?

RUFFHAUS8@aol.com writes:

> So, on the the issue at hand (to hand).  It seems to me that given 
> the current system of rules it's rather easy to get an opponent 
> into HTH combat, particularly using qualifier b) (below).
> a) defender has back to wall, lying down, prone, kneeling
> b) defender has a lower MA
> c) attacker comes in from the rear
> d) defender agrees to enter HTH

I suppose, to be fair, that there should be DIFFERENT modifiers for
each of these situations.  Obviously, if the defender agrees to HTH,
there doesn't need to be any roll at all.  For attackers coming in
from the rear, there should probably be some kind of modifier since
the defender isn't able to actively defend against being grappled.

But I agree that the most glaring case is (b) above.  Perhaps some
modifier based upon the difference in ST is involved.  Realistically
speaking, however, such a modifier would have to include the relative
sizes of the combatants.  It's probably pretty easy for a bear or
giant to initiate HTH against a human (regardless of the human's ST)
just by virtue of the their sheer size/mass.  Conversely, the hapless
human should NEVER be able to initiate HTH against a bear/giant as
they can't muster enough force to knock the bear/giant down.

Maybe using some kind of modified shield bash rule would be the 
thing to use here.  As the rulebook says, "Shield rushing a giant 
is pointless ..."

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