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Re: (TFT) HTH Combat Modifiers?

> > So, on the the issue at hand (to hand).  It seems to me that given
> > the current system of rules it's rather easy to get an opponent
> > into HTH combat, particularly using qualifier b) (below).
> >
> > a) defender has back to wall, lying down, prone, kneeling
> > b) defender has a lower MA
> > c) attacker comes in from the rear
> > d) defender agrees to enter HTH

A gets a good chance (books aren't (hand) to hand just now) of a free
attack on the initiator.
B has the same chance, and most often some armor.
C could be called-shot to the head with a net -2 DX.
D deserves what he gets.

The canon (just AM, AW, and ITL; I'm Ortho(gonal)dox) doesn't have
modifiers for the die roll.  You could build such rules, but if you give
benefit for ST, prepare for the (just) argument that DX matters, too. 
Then stature, then lack of stature compared to the initiator, the phase
of the moon...

You don't need mods for UC skill.  Anyone with more UC doesn't mind HTH,
usually.  Anyone with less is in enough trouble, without reducing their

I don't think its unrealistically easy to initiate HTH.  But I'll agree
it's unheroic to be overborne by prootwaddles.  Red-sashed suicidal
priests?  That's another matter.  That's what illusions and molotails
are for, I'd expect.

The Shield-Rush rules do sort of figure into HTH.  UC II lets you SR
without a shield.  Note that would mean no 1d6 saving throw vs HTH, SR
is a melee attack.  3/DX or fall down.  UC III makes that 4/DX.  And of
course, once you've fallen, you might have company...

Then it gets ugly.  That +4 DX means everybody gets hurt, and quickly. 
Lowly daggers wind up doing d+x, and if your GM gives UC students the
nod, they could gut you in one swing.  They'd kill you soon, anyway. 
How?  Pinning.

Ah, pinning.  4/DX to pin, with mods for ST and DX (check this formula
out if you need to mod the 1d6 save).  The mods are interesting, but UC
students roll one less die for every level they have over target.  (One
more die, if they're Ed Gruberman in 'Boot to the Head'.)  Once pinned,
you're helpless for two turns, then you get ST rolls to break free
('free' meaning still in HTH).  While you're helpless, what are the
redsashes doing?  Pretty much anything they want, with +4 DX.

I wouldn't let them just kill you outright.  Unless you'd badgered me
about how you're 6'1", and stronger than them, and besides, it's the
dark of the moon...  :)  "The dark of the moon, you say?  The Day of
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