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(TFT) Cult of the Bloodrunners

idea to beef up randon tribe of, say, orcs.


Far off from civilized lands, a semi-civilized tribe of orcs has begun
worshipping an evil spirit which actually appears to listen (ye gods!). The
orcs are led by special shamans (with the PRIEST talent as a prerequisite
for an IQ 12 talent/priestly power called BLOODRUNNING ).

BLOODRUNNING (IQ 12): A power which the priest activates by severely
lacerating his arms and chest with a ritual knife - this results in the
priest somehow summoning unearthly energy which imbues all allies within 1
megamegahex with +2 adjDX and +2 MA. Unfortunately the priest loses 2ST/
turn due to the grisly cuts. Onlookers have noticed that the allies imbued
with the bonuses have red baleful eyes and a slightly bestial appearance.

Unfortunately, little else is known of the sacrifices or customs of the cult
or who indeed it is that they worship (though cannibalism of other sentient
races is strongly suspected....). The orcs have proven hostile to all
contact. the warriors of the tribe generally learn RUNNING talent to give
their opponents a real surprise, as well as wielding pole weapons.

Cas Liber in stinking hot and humid Sydney....

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