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Re: (TFT) Cult of the Bloodrunners


Nice idea.  What does the talent itself cost the priest, 1 IQ slot?

> ...all allies within 1 megamegahex...

Assuming the priest is centered in a megahex, how far exactly
would this be? Within four hexes, or seven?

> Unfortunately, little else is known of the sacrifices or customs 
> of the cult or who indeed it is that they worship

I believe certain reports have it that the members of this tribe
shout 'Blood for the blood god' as they go into battle.  This is
perhaps apocyrphal (and meaningless in any case if you're not 
familiar with Khorne and/or Warhammer).  If you are, consider 
that somewhere on Cidri perhaps a mnoren constructed a warpgate...

> Cas Liber in stinking hot and humid Sydney.

Hey, it's freezing up here!  What a wacky planet we live on.

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