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Re: (TFT) Quiet

Grabowski wrote:
> List certainly been quiet the past two months.  Has the 3rd edition done
> this to us?
> Yours in the most peaceful and quiet part of Cidri,
> Justin
> We have either run out of house rules to share or too many children crying
> at home.

Not in my case.  For me, it's far worse than that.

Hello, my name is Stan, and I'm...a Diablo 2 addict. 

Gad, I've been playing it so much the last few months, everything else has 
kind of lapsed.  Sad, really.  If I could just get a decent gothic bow imbue
then I'd quit.  No, really, I mean it this time.  I could quit anytime, but 
I just want to get this one last imbue...
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