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RE: (TFT) Quiet

Hello, my name is Stan, and I'm...a Diablo 2 addict.

Gad, I've been playing it so much the last few months, everything else has
kind of lapsed.  Sad, really.  If I could just get a decent gothic bow imbue
then I'd quit.  No, really, I mean it this time.  I could quit anytime, but
I just want to get this one last imbue...

I just received it for Christmas.  It's a neat game but I can control a
habit.  No, "Hi, my name is Stan" for me.  Ha!Ha!  It reminds me of the
video game "Gauntlet".

Yours in the Tristam (burnt out and demon infested)part of Cidri,

P.S.  Stan is Randy still running the TFT Sanctuary campaign.  I received
something about a month ago from him and from you but nothing lately.

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