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Re: (TFT) magic and labour

> Of course, this relies on a lot of magic being around.

Just watched the last episode of the first season of Monty Pythons Flying
Circus and they had a a whole bit about 'what if the bobbies could use
magic?' Lot's of 'magic wands' and 'broomsticks' about. Quite funny, but
also much along the same lines on a serious side.

> > Maybe there's a local wizard who runs a building business with summoned
> > elementals nearby (he's adapted the spell to get a special digger-earth
> > elemental and he ain't gonna divulge the secret to anyone....).
> > Cas
> Not to mention streetlights and other 'modern' amenities. If Gates are
> prevelant, they are the analogue to the modern transportation system. Part
> of the reason that modern cities can grow so large is that they have a
> steady supply of goods coming in. If all you have is a dirt path and
> oxcarts, this is a problem. But, if you can use Gates from the
> centers to the cities, then you have better, fresher distribution. And you
> could probably insecticide pretty well with Cleansing and such.
> Of course, this relies on a lot of magic being around.
> Neil Gilmore

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